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Quad Seal Bag Powder Packaging Machine

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A versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry. This bag holds its shape well on the shelf and can support heavier fills of products. It becomes the perfect solution for dry powder packing, such as dry powder product such as milk powder, spices powder, coffee powder, corn flour, coconut powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, chilli powder etc.



1. Siemens/Omron PLC &5.7’’ Omron Colorful Touch Screen Controller

2. Single/Dual Panasonic Servo-driven motor for film transportation

3. Film auto tracking, Length registered by Omron photoelectric-eye & Encoder

4. With date coder for printing batch number, production & expiry date

5. Simple and fast bag size change over with one-piece forming sets

6. Heavy-duty jaw assembly houses a cushion for shock and noise abatement

7. Adjustable dwell time for better looking seals and increased packaging speeds

8. Unique Pneumatic Film-Reel locking structure to avoid film drawing deflecting

9. Independent temperature adjustment

10. Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, PP/PE, PE/PET, PAPER/PE, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine. (Monolayer Polyethylene Film Sealing Jaw configuration is option to achieve)



Additional Info





Bag type

Quad seal bag, gusseted bag


Operation Mode




Up to 50 bags/min


Quad Seal Bag


50 to 340mm (2.0 to 13.4in)

100 to 420mm (4 to 16.5 in)



80 to 200mm (3.1 to 7.9in)

100 to 240 mm (4 to 9.4 in)



50 to 100mm (2.0 to 3.9in)

50 to 120 mm (2 to 4.7 in)


Reel Film Width:

Width and depth combinations are limited by the overall 540mm (21.3in)

Width and depth combinations are limited by the overall 730mm (28.7in)


Edge Seal Width

5‐10mm (0.2‐0.39in)

5‐10mm (0.2‐0.39in)


Film Thickness

0.04‐0.12mm (40‐120mic.)

0.04‐0.12mm (40‐120mic.)


Reel Outer Dia

400mm (15.8in)

500mm (19.7in)


Reel Inner Dia

75mm (2.9in)

75mm (2.9in)



220V/50Hz, 1phase or per customer specification


Power Consumption




Compressed Air Requirement

0.6 MPa 0.36 M3min

0.6 MPa 0.36 M3min


Machine Dimension:

L1650 X W1300 X H1650 mm; (in):L65.1 X W51.2 X H70.9

L1850 x W1300 x H2300 mm;

(in): L73 x W51.2 x H90.5


Shipping Dimension:

L1850 X W1400 X H2000 mm; (in):L72.8 X W55.2 X H78.8


Machine Weight






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